Listed here are the student-facing materials we share during student enrollment, prior to starting Day 1 of our Data Science Immersive.

  1. Student Technical Guide- This document defines the common technologies used in our course, and our laptop/OS policies. It serves as a useful guide for students who need to invest in new technology prior to the course, and gives instructors a tech policy to reference in discussions with students.

Instructor Note: Use this document to address repetitive requests for technical support or assistance from students running Linux or PCs.

  1. Student Pre-Course Onboarding Tasks - This document is sent to students upon admission. It lists the required pre-course work students must complete - as well as the assessment they must take - in order to prepare for the start of this class.

Note: Students who do not complete the pre-course work statistically have the most trouble keeping up with pace of the course. These students should be flagged for production teams to monitor closely and may need to drop the course and take it at a later time.

  1. "Installfest" - This "Day 0" lesson is provided for local instructional teams to assist students with the installation and configuration of their laptop environment prior to the start of the course. It is strongly encouraged as successful pre-course configuration avoids tons of technical issues during Week 1.

Note: Students who do not attend or are not given an "Installfest" lesson statistically have the most issues troubleshooting their environment. This can have severe repercussions on time management and perceived instructional quality during Week 1. We highly encourage you to run Installfest and flag any students who do not participate. For those students, offer specific tech setup assistance during Week 1 Office Hours.

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