DSI - Week 10

This is a summary of the materials provided for Week 10 of the Data Science Immersive.

Instructors: Please note that this week requires additional preparations.

You will want to familiarize yourself with them and budget for time to complete / review the following installation & signup details with students before teaching this week's materials.

  1. Students will need to install a custom VM to run introductory materials. See instructions here.

  2. Instructors will need to send students individual URLs for them to sign up/access their AWS credits. See instructions here.

Week 10: Intro to Big Data

Session Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
9-10 (Project Review) Morning Exercise (Outcomes) Morning Exercise (Reflection)
10-11:30 Intro to Big Data AWS: EC2 & S3 Intro to Spark Database Design: Case Study Big Data Review: Case Study
11:30-1 Hadoop Intro Lab AWS: HDFS, HUE, & EMR Spark Lab 1 Group Project: Setup Data Group Project: Workshop
2-3:30 MrJob Wordcount Lab AWS + Hive Lab Spark Lab 2 Group Project: Workshop Group Project: Workshop
3:30-5 Hive Wordcount Lab Big Data: Case Study Spark: Case Study Group Project: Workshop Group Project: Presentations

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