Data Science Projects

Globally, we have 7 Weekly Projects and 1 Capstone Project (subdivided into 5 deliverables). Each project builds on top of previously learned skills to scaffold student performance over the entire course.

Project Specs

Each project includes objectives, requirements, starter-code, rubric, and suggested resources - all of which tie into the overall competencies for each unit. Dive into the detailed project spec files to read more about each project.

See our feedback guidelines to read more about how to provide feedback on student projects.

Project Directory

  1. Weekly Projects

    Click here for a complete description of our Weekly Projects.

  2. Capstone Project

    Click here for a complete description of our Capstone Project deliverables.

Project Timeline

Unit Project Assigned Deadline
Unit 1 Project 1 Assigned Week 1 Due Week 1
Unit 1 Project 2 Assigned Week 2 Due Week 2
Unit 1 Project 3 Assigned Week 3 Due Week 3
Unit 2 Project 4 Assigned Week 4 Due Week 4
Unit 2 Project 5 Assigned Week 5 Due Week 5
Unit 2 Project 6 Assigned Week 6 Due Week 6
Unit 2 Capstone, Part 1 Assigned Week 4 Due Week 6
Unit 3 Project 7 Assigned Week 7 Due Week 7
Unit 3 Capstone, Part 2 Assigned Week 6 Due Week 8
Unit 3 Capstone, Part 3 (Progress Report) Assigned Week 8 Due Week 9
Unit 4 Capstone, Part 3 (In-person Discussion) Assigned Week 8 Due Week 10
Unit 4 Capstone, Part 4 Assigned Week 8 Due Week 11
Unit 4 Capstone, Part 5 Assigned Week 8 Due Week 12

Project Completion

In order to pass this course, General Assembly students MUST:

  • Complete and submit 80% of all course assignments, including homework and weekly projects.
  • Complete and submit the Capstone Project, including all 5 deliverables.
  • Adhere to GA's Student Code of Conduct.

Grading & Using GitHub in the Classroom

Instructors should use GitHub to release student-facing materials and project feedback. Students should post assignments to individual student repos and submit links or pull requests to the instructor's repository. Instructors can comment on pull requests and either push graded rubrics to individual student repositories or submit them via Slack/dropbox (for privacy).

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